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Dad Plays free this weekend when accompanied by atleast 1 other playing guest, and valid for 1 HR Sessions only. Use Code: DadFunTime when booking online. 1 Free Dad per booking. Valid on all Sessions, Xplore VR, VR Escape Rooms, Free Roam VR Escape Rooms, Free Roam Arena Action Pack. Excludes VIP Party Group.

Father’s Day Weekend Hours:

Fri: 1pm-11:30pm, Sat: 8pm- 2am! , Sun: 10am -9pm

Walk-ins Welcome!

Open 7 days a week...
because birthdays don't just happen on weekends!
Father's Day Weekend Hours:
Friday: 1:00pm - 11:30pm
Saturday: 8pm - 2am
Sunday: 10am -9pm
Walk-ins Welcome!


Talk to each other, walk around, bend, throw objects and collaborate together to solve the puzzles and challenges.


Single player or multiplayer experiences. Teleport around boundless Virtual Worlds the moment you place on a Virtual Reality Headset.


Select from our NEW Free Roam Escape Rooms, Laser Tag and multiplayer competitive experiences and enjoy complete freedom of movement in our virtual world.

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Go Everywhere / Do Anything! 

All of our multiplayer experiences allow for players to see, hear, and interact with one another inside the virtual environments as they would in real life. 

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8+ Titles to choose from and 60 minutes to escape.
$ 34 Per Person
  • Played in groups of 2-6 players, each player has their own dedicated room/area (8 by 8 ft)
  • Escape rooms in VR are fully immersive experiences that will take you into unimaginable worlds and escape room scenarios that can only be achieved through Virtual Reality.


Multiplayer | Single Player VR Experiences
1-8 Players
  • 30 Min VR Xperience $22 Per Person
  • 1 Hr VR Xperience $34 Per Person
  • 90 Min VR Xperience $49 Per Person


Your team has 55 minutes to Escape!
$ 34 Per Person
  • 2-4 Players
    4 Titles to Choose From: 1. Dragon Tower 2. Space Station of Tiberia 3. Depths of Osiris 4. Time Travel Paradox Pictures coming soon!
  • Participant will enjoy the use of wireless headsets (no cables) in a room where they can walk around freely within their play area along with other players.


2-4 Players, 60 minutes
$ 34 Per Person
  • Enter our Arena, enjoy competitive multiplayer free-roam games where you can walk around freely with wireless headsets. Your team will enjoy 4 different immersive group experiences. Fun for different tastes, age groups and skill levels.
  • 4 Titles: Archery, zombie, shooting/rhythm & Laser Tag


6-12 Playing Guests, 60 minutes
$ 30 Per Person
  • Enjoy a discounted rate with your group. 6
  • Guests can enjoy 60+ Titles of VR experiences, VR Escape Rooms and popular game tables after their playtime (foosball, ping pong, skee ball, air hockey, etc).


2 Hour Pass
$ 15 Per Person
  • 15 Minute VR Session + Popular Game Tables
  • Enjoy 15 minutes of Single or Multiplayer experiences on our Xplore VR titles. Enjoy a social hangout with friends while playing popular game tables (foosball, ping pong, skee ball, and air hockey).

I discovered this place maybe a month ago and have been as many times as I possibly could since! The workers are super friendly and helpful. Simply AMAZING.    More…

Jaslene Ruiz


Our kids and friends had a blast! The kids did a VR Escape Room. The adults did a little bit of zombie hunting after that. There was so much to do!    More…




I found this place online while searching for something fun to do with my two boys. All three of us played for an hour and we had a blast! You have your own little space to play and can try any of the games during your play time (and there are many, of all different varieties!).   More…

Rachel M.


This place is so much fun regardless of your age! It’s such a different experience! The staff is awesome! Super friendly, super fun, we keep going back!    More…

Emily Maud


Because of the high quality of our content and equipment we rarely get customers that experience motion sickness. While there are experiences that can cause motion sickness (roller coasters, racing simulators and flight simulators) may increase the chances of motion sickness especially for first time VR users. Feel free to ask our crew for recommendations from our extensive content library.

We strongly recommend that guests are at least 6 years old. It is up to the discretion of parents/guests and manager to allow guests 6 years of age and younger to make use of our equipment. There is no minimum age requirement to be on the premises, despite the time of day.

The HTC Vive Pro headsets as well as the Oculus Quest can support regular and large frame glasses. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask our staff for assistance adjusting your VR Headset for best view and experience.

Once you enter your fully immersive virtual reality environment you will use to HTC Vive Pro controllers to move around. Both controllers act as your hands in virtual reality and change to match the content you are in. All virtual reality experiences come with in game controller instructions. If you have chosen a Free Roam experience, you will physically walk within your boundaries and use your controller functions to pick up, throw objects, shoot, or make selections.

We recommend booking your VR experience ahead of time by booking online or calling us at 203.632.9651. This minimizes wait times, ensures we have proper levels of staffing, and keeps guests on the premises to a minimum.

VR Escape Rooms provide each player with an 8×8 ft area where they can move within their assigned space and use their controller functions to “teleport” (move) within the escape rooms. These escape rooms have larger maps/sceneries through which the teams work together to escape. Our Free Roam VR Escape Rooms allow for up to 4 players to share 1 room (15by 17ft) in which they all walk around freely with each other through the use of wireless headsets. The players are transported from one scene to the next as they achieve different levels within their escape. Both types of escape rooms are fully interactive; you can hear, see, interact with one another as you would in real life.

All of our headsets have adjustable straps that can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for children, women, men and the elderly.

Great question! 

With Xplore VR you gain access to or general library of 60+ games ranging from relaxing sceneries in the deep blue sea all the way out to shooting zombies and even bungee jumping from the Statue of Liberty. You may choose from as many experiences as you’d like by navigating through the Menu from inside your headset, or we can launch you in as well.

Yes, all of our experiences are wheel chair accessible.

Absolutely, we recommend that prior to your arrival you give our team a heads up about the disability so that we may have a list of appropriate games/titles that will provide a comfortable and seamless experience.