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Firebird – The Unfinished

XploreVR Experience
Difficullty: Easy
Single Player

In The Unfinished, you are the curator of a museum dedicated to the mighty sculptor Auguste. And tomorrow, is the grand opening ! As you stand alone in the main room, night creeps, a storm bursts outside and between the thunderclaps you can hear a whispering voice, then another one… And you find yourself suddenly surrounded by living sculptures. Their whispers tell of Auguste's sad love story with Camille, one of his apprentices, and the masterpiece they vowed to work on together - but is now fittingly named The Unfinished.It is now up to you to discover what secret lies within The Unfinished, and to help the ghosts of Auguste and Camille find solace, at last...

FIREBIRD - The Unfinished is a magical musical experience in virtual reality, with music from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and beautiful ballet performances.

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