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Distance Learning Solutions/Care

Quick Details

Grades 1-8 Distance Learning Support/Care

Why we are offering this service: We believe it is part of our social responsibility to cooperate with individuals and families for the benefit of the community, in providing a safe place for students to perform their distance learning while their parents can continue to hold their jobs through the uncertainties we are all facing. We are also excited to offer access to our STEM library in Virtual Reality, able to make for a memorable and fun school year for students.

** We are currently enrolling for five days a week (Mon-Fri) for grades 1-8. . Please feel free to email us at [email protected], call/text 203.632.9651 or use the live chat box on the website.

Quick Tour

Our Student Learning Pods allow for a safe, comfortable, and productive learning space. We currently have 2 rooms available, able to accommodate 4-8 students each. Please take a look at the pictures below to learn more about our space.

a small child is holding a stuffed animalan office with a desk and chair in a room a large room a wooden table a screenshot of a video game a desk with a computer on a table

a large long train on the floor a close up of a sink in a small room a door with a sink and a mirror

*We have recently made changes to our program and pricing. We have carefully priced our services with the community at heart without compromising the quality of our service. Students will be supervised by qualified individuals, CPR & First aid certified, fingerprinted, background checked and checked  against sex offender registries.  Our learning Pods consists of 4-8 students, for a maximum of 16 kids in a 4,000 sq ft facility, with assigned individual work spaces.

About our program:

The Vault VR is excited to provide parents with distance learning solutions for students enrolled in a school’s hybrid learning program (grades 1-8).

Our Solutions consist of the following:

-Learning Support Pods

-STEM in VR (Virtual Reality) after school program

-Private One on One Tutoring Services

How our program is different:

If you can remember the old days of the Magic School Bus, learning was made fun and interactive. Our STEM and Sports Titles in Virtual Reality allow for students to Supplement their school’s curriculum and extra curricular activities. Students will be able to access educational & sports content during their lunch break (15 mins) and during our after school program.

Please see the chart below for information on hours and pricing.

Option A


(All 5 days)

Option B


(3 Day Rate)

3 days of your choice

Option C

Single Day Rates

Learning Support Pod

7:30am – 3:30pm

OR 8:45- 4:45pm

*Hours are flexible within 8 hr block



When paid in full

 $100/ week,

*$400/month when paid in full

$35 for 1 day/week

$55 for 2 days/week


Learning Support Pod (available Mon-Fri)

& VR STEM after school program (Mon-Wed) only

7:30am – 6:00pm




when paid in full

$120/week or $440/month
when paid in full
$40 for 1 day/week

$80 for 2 days/week

VR STEM after school program ONLY
3:00pm – 6:00pm(Mon-Wed only)

$120/ month

$60/week or $240/month $ 25 for 1 day/week

$40 for 2 days/week

One-on-one tutoring  Flexible


$40-55/ hr N/A


Please click here to begin the enrollment process for your child.


Learning Support Pods-

What is a Learning Support Pod?
Learning Support Pods are small groups of students for which both care and support are provided during the student’s hybrid learning days. Our staff will monitor students throughout the day to ensure they keep on track, provide homework help, and enhance their learning as needed.  

*Students must bring in their laptops/chromebooks, headphones, and anything required for their lessons when enrolled in our Learning Support pods.

Safety is important- Masks, washing hands and sanitizing is required upon entry, temperature checks before and during their stay, hand sanitizers will be available for individual use. We use EPA approved disinfectants, UV sterilizing wands/microwave able to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. We also hold a self-certification for COVID-19 safety guidelines.