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High School Unit Titles

Quick Details

VR Academics 60 min $25

VictoryVR Science units are designed to supplement and enhance existing science curriculum with engaging experiential learning. Each unit is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and will compliment any existing science program.
The topics and contents within each unit allow students to delve deeper into particular areas of science touched upon in the classroom. Additionally, the content reinforces national science standards in a variety of ways typically inaccessible to most students.
Each science category has multiple units that cover all 4 NGSS domains, totaling 24 units that comprise the VictoryVR Science High School library. Within each unit are the following elements:
(1) Field Trip
(1) Interactive Experience or Game (2) Science “Stories”
(1) Teacher Lab or Lesson
(2) Notes Pages
(3) Assessments

Domain Topics
Physics Physical Science Forces & Interactions Energy Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation
Biology Life Science Structure & Function Inheritance & Variation of Traits Forensics
Biology II Life Science Natural Selection & Evolution

Matter & Energy in Organisms & Ecosystems

Interdependent Relationships
in Ecosystems

Anatomy & Physiology

Earth & Space Earth & Space Science Space Systems History of Earth Earth’s Systems Weather & Climate Human Sustainability Oceanography
Engineering & Technology Engineering Engineering Design Aerospace Engineering Animal & Plant Biotechnology (Ag)
Chemistry Physical Science Structure & Properties of Matter Chemical Reactions Biochemistry