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Free Roam Zone

Enter a new dimension of thrilling entertainment.
***Our Free Roam Escape Rooms and Free Roam Arena Action Pack take place in private rooms.
That's right, just you and your crew having epic fun.

Free Roam

Wireless Headsets

Walk Freely (no teleporting)

20′ x 20′ Open Play Area

Great for Beginners!

Free Roam Escape Rooms

Our multiplayer Free Roam VR Escape Rooms encourage players to enjoy richer social gaming experiences through exhilarating and challenging gameplay, breath-taking graphics, and larger-than-life environments!

Free Roam Action-Pack Arena

Our multiplayer Free Roam Arena provides full immersion by allowing players to walk around freely with others in an open play area. VR Laser Tag is now available with our newest titles “Quantum Arena” and “Cops Vs. Robbers”. 

$34 per person | 55 mins
2-6 Players
NEW! Laser Tag | 12 min
New! Laser Tag | 12 Min
Laser Tag | 20 min | Coming Soon!
Archery | 15 mins
Zombie Apocalypse | 15 mins
Shooting/Rhythm | 15 min