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Events & Celebrations

The Vault Virtual Reality makes event planning easy. Our event packages include the following:

Virtual Reality Playtime,

Privately sectioned area for food/drinks,

Popular game tables for non playing guests (air hockey, foosball, skee ball, ping pong and hoops), and

BYOB, or catering of your own.

Event Packages


Group Rate
$ 30 per person, 6-12 players
  • 60 minute Playtime
  • Choose from:
    - 12+ VR Escape Rooms - 60+ VR Experiences, or 4 Free Roam VR Escape Room
  • Enjoy popular game tables after VR playtime (air hockey, foosball, skee ball, etc)


$ 299 up to 8 playing guests.
  • 60 min play time per playing guest
  • 40 Minutes in privately sectioned area for food/drinks after playtime
  • Add on: $49 2 Large Cheese Pies, paper cups, plates, black table cloths
  • Add up to 6 additional playing guests at $30 each.


$ 499 Up to 14 playing guests
  • 60 min playtime per guest
  • 40 Minutes in privately sectioned area for food/drinks after playtime
  • Includes 3 Extra Large Cheese Pies, 3 two liter sodas, paper cups, plates, table cloths.


$ 649 Up to 20 playing guests
  • 45 min Play time per guest (1.5 hrs, total playtime)
  • 2.5 hrs Total Event Length; 1.5 hrs of VR playtime, 1 Hr in private sectioned aea for food/drinks.
  • Add up to 8 additional playing guests at $25 each.

Escape Room Events

VR Escape
Room Party

4 – 8 playing guests

1 VR Escape Room + 30 minutes VR Games 

 $47 Per player

Length: 2 hrs total (1.5 hrs play time +  30 minutes in sectioned area for food/drinks)

Click Here to view Escape Room titles

Click Here to view Sample VR game library

Mobile (to you)
Free Roam-
VR Escape Room

To your office, venue or location.

$30 per player (4 player minimum)

45 – 60 minute playtime

*Wireless Headsets where you walk freely in a 15′ by 18′ ft space.

Unobstructed 15 by 18ft space required. 

$30 Per player + $149 Travel & Set Up Fee.

Virtual  Escape Room (Remote)

4 – 8 Players

 $149 per session

90 Minute Remote Escape Game from your home or office in any city or state in the U.S.

Players will meet via video conferencing to communicate with our Field Agent from inside a Virtual Reality Escape Room. The team will work work together to guide the Field Agent in finding clues to ultimately escape. A great teambuilding activity! 

Make it Pretty – $149

Balloon Arch for cake table

4 Balloon Centerpieces

Paper cups, plates, napkins, forks & spoons

Just Show Up- $199

All the before mentioned + 3 Large Cheese pies from Zois Pizza, & three 2 litter Sodas 

Standing Balloon Columns – $99 for 2

Dippin Dots Ice Cream– $3.50 per person